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The secret to 105-year-old Edna's long life is to "work hard and play hard"

At 105 years young, Edna Dobie, is a fascinating and affable resident of Aspira West Park Crossing in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan.

Celebrating centenarians at Aspira on the 100th day of the year

Being a centenarian is an exceptional and somewhat rare feat. The odds of any of us making it to dizzying heights of 100 years old are slim, about 5,000 to one in fact. So it’s no surprise ....

Centenarian WWII Veteran in Kingston

On February 18, Dorothy Forester celebrated her 100th birthday at Royale Place Retirement Residence in Kingston, where she lives.

104-year-old Vivian is full of life

Last December, Vivian Moss celebrated her 104th birthday at Bearbrook Retirement Residence in Ottawa, ON. With her friends and family.

102-year-old veteran recalls his life

Lieutenant Colonel John Beswick celebrated his 102 birthday at Carolina Retirement Residence with family and special visits from the fire department and Towne Crier.

Centenarian celebrates 103rd birthday

What is the secret to longevity? 103-year-old Ruth Wilson has an answer that will surprise you!

Centenarians reveal their secret to a long life

What is the secret to living to be 100? These centenarians, including Canada’s 7th oldest man, revealed their secrets!

Laughter keeps you young: Centenarian recalls his life

101-year-old Eddie served in the navy during WWII, worked as a draftsman and art duplicator, and saw a British Queen. Through it all, he’s kept his sense of humour.

Seventh oldest living man in Canada

Today, Don Simpson turns 107. Despite his age, he’s been seen riding the Big Bike for Heart, and is always the first one to join in on a good time.