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Bringing residents and families together through the Warmth of Human Connection

Hillary, a recreation therapy assistant, recently received a 500-word note of endearment from a resident’s family. What makes her so special to those she serves? Read more to find out!
Inspirational Life

Breaking the mould: The tale of a world-travelling woman in the 1950s

Sneih Charan has led anything but an ordinary life. She’s travelled the globe, found love at first sight, and paved her own way through the world.
Stories from our Team

What it means to love

I was raised by two moms.

102-year-old veteran recalls his life

Lieutenant Colonel John Beswick celebrated his 102 birthday at Carolina Retirement Residence with family and special visits from the fire department and Towne Crier.
Innovative Programs

Life is a carnival

Pickle parties, carnivals, and impromptu kayaking trips are a regular occurrence for residents at Peninsula Retirement Residence. But how does that all come together? Meet Diane Toth, Queen of Fun.
Inspirational Life

‘I always wanted to play baseball’

Major League baseball player and coach of Team Canada, Eric Mackenzie talks about his love of the game.

Centenarian celebrates 103rd birthday

What is the secret to longevity? 103-year-old Ruth Wilson has an answer that will surprise you!

Centenarians reveal their secret to a long life

What is the secret to living to be 100? These centenarians, including Canada’s 7th oldest man, revealed their secrets!
Stories from our Team

Iron Woman

Ironman Triathlon participants cover over 226 km in under 17 hours. Michele, lifestyle consultant at Cherry Park Retirement Residence, has competed in this race 10 times — and she’s not done yet.