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Awards & Achievements

From Ontario’s Rugby Hall of Fame to a new life at Island View

Mike Fisher's life story is one of passion, adaptability, and community. His journey from a small town in northern England to the vibrant community at Island View retirement home encapsulates a life rich in experiences and achievements.
Awards & Achievements

Bill Reid: A life of artistry and passion

At 93, Bill Reid possesses the vibrant spirit of a much younger man and artistic skills that have stood the test of time.

The secret to 105-year-old Edna's long life is to "work hard and play hard"

At 105 years young, Edna Dobie, is a fascinating and affable resident of Aspira West Park Crossing in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan.
Awards & Achievements

Vivian Klinck: An Artist's Journey to Kensington Court

Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan in the early 1940s, Vivian Klinck’s journey to becoming a respected artist wasn’t straightforward. Her relationship with her craft started from a young age and she graduated from Michigan State University with a minor in art ...

Celebrating centenarians at Aspira on the 100th day of the year

Being a centenarian is an exceptional and somewhat rare feat. The odds of any of us making it to dizzying heights of 100 years old are slim, about 5,000 to one in fact. So it’s no surprise ....
Awards & Achievements

After an exceptional, award-filled life and career Gary Gullickson is happy to relax with his wife at Aspira Hunter Village

Gary Gullickson has lived, and continues to live, a very full life. He is a doer, someone who is constantly busy it seems, and whose life is dotted with incredible awards.
Inspirational Life

Celebrating romance and love at Aspira for Valentine’s Day

It’s February again so love is in the air. People across many walks of life are currently planning a romantic surprise for their significant other on February 14th.
Inspirational Life

Former teacher Evelyn and published author Jim love the freedom and convenience of retirement living having made the switch six years ago

When you see them spending time together it’s obvious that Jim and Evelyn Andreas love to laugh. The Saskatchewan couple have been married for 72 years ...
Inspirational Life

After teaching for over 60 years Andrew Mathuik has rediscovered his love of art at Aspira Yorkton Crossing

Andrew Mathuik, 90, has enjoyed his four years at Aspira, he holds the staff in very high regard, is an active member of the Residents Council and has reignited his love of art.