See how our Sparkle Award winners shine

Discover the heartwarming stories of our exceptional residents who bring joy and community spirit to every corner of Aspira Retirement Living. From nurturing gardens to organizing sing-alongs and baking for charity, their dedication enriches the lives of all around them.

Gladys Pierce - Aspira West Park Crossing
Glady Pierce (West Park Crossing)Gladys' passion for tending to the garden beds at Aspira West Park Crossing is truly admirable. As Resident Council Co-Chairperson and a key member of the welcoming and social committees, she goes above and beyond to support her fellow residents. Her genuine kindness and dedication are deeply valued, from encouraging new residents to join in activities to finding the perfect card for every occasion. Her efforts make the community a more vibrant and welcoming place, and everyone is grateful for all she does.

Pat Avery - Masonville Manor
Pat Avery (Masonville Manor)Pat's thoughtfulness in assisting fellow resident Marilyn with her daily activities - especially by writing things down as her vision fades - is a true reflection of her caring nature. She is always ready to lend a hand, often without being asked. Her support and kindness towards all residents is appreciated across the community. Her presence is a true asset, and everyone at Masonville Manor respects and admires the positive impact she makes every day.

John Carson (The Barrieview)John Carson - Aspira The Barrieview
John's beautiful hymn singing on the memory care floor brings immense joy to the residents. Organizing a hymn sing-along every Sunday, complete with songbooks John prepares himself and shows remarkable dedication. His efforts brighten the lives of those at The Barrieview and foster a sense of community and joy. The happiness and connection his music brings to the home is undeniable.

Joy Green (Mayfair Terrace)Joy Green - Aspira Mayfair Terrace
Joy's "Cooking with Joy" program and weekly Sunday specials like "Biscuits and Jam" create a warm and welcoming atmosphere at Aspira Mayfair Terrace. Her kindness extends beyond the kitchen, with generous bake sales for charity that showcase her empathy and generosity. The community is incredibly fortunate to have her, bringing people together through delicious food and heartfelt kindness.

Margaret Fleming (Cedarvale Lodge)Margaret Fleming - Aspira Cedarvale Lodge
Margaret's handmade chocolates, delivered with care throughout the year, delight both residents and staff at Cedarvale Lodge. This thoughtful gesture not only recognizes the hard work of the team but also promotes a strong sense of community. Her kindness and generosity have become a cherished tradition that everyone looks forward to. Her contributions to the warmth and camaraderie in the home are deeply appreciated.

Joy Weir (Hunting Village)Joy Weir - Aspira Hunter Village
Joy's role as the resident "Welcomer" since 2019 has made a significant impact at Aspira Hunter Village. Her thoughtful gestures, from introducing herself with freshly baked cookies to inviting new residents to share meals, demonstrate her compassion and dedication to making everyone feel valued. Her efforts create a sense of warmth and inclusiveness that enriches Hunter Village and everyone at the home greatly benefits from her uplifting spirit.

These remarkable individuals embody the essence of community and compassion at Aspira Retirement Living. Their contributions create camaraderie and a vibrant, kind atmosphere that make our homes special places to live.

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