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Innovative Programs

Island Park residents help students learn from the past thanks to the Legacy Memory Project

After a pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Legacy Memory Project found a new lease of life this year, drawing participation from 19 students from Grades 11 and 12 at Campbellford District High School (CDHS).
Kensington Place Retirement Residence

Students and residents alike have a ball at pen-pal program ‘Prom Night’ at Aspira Kensington Place

In a heartwarming display of intergenerational bonding, Aspira Kensington Place retirement home recently hosted a “Prom Night” as part of their flourishing pen-pal program.
Awards & Achievements

Vivian Klinck: An Artist's Journey to Kensington Court

Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan in the early 1940s, Vivian Klinck’s journey to becoming a respected artist wasn’t straightforward. Her relationship with her craft started from a young age and she graduated from Michigan State University with a minor in art ...
Milestone Stories

A platinum union: Orchard Valley residents Gordon and Doreen Ellinson celebrate their 70th wedding

More than 70 years ago, after a chance meeting at a dance in New Westminster, Gordon and Doreen hit it off right away.

Celebrating centenarians at Aspira on the 100th day of the year

Being a centenarian is an exceptional and somewhat rare feat. The odds of any of us making it to dizzying heights of 100 years old are slim, about 5,000 to one in fact. So it’s no surprise ....

Gail Bissett loves the food, staff and her social life at Aspira Hunter Village and feels “so much younger” since moving in.

Gail Bissett grew up on a farm 40 miles from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. The self-proclaimed “prairie farm girl” made the move to Saskatoon in 1964 where she earned a degree in nursing.
Awards & Achievements

After an exceptional, award-filled life and career Gary Gullickson is happy to relax with his wife at Aspira Hunter Village

Gary Gullickson has lived, and continues to live, a very full life. He is a doer, someone who is constantly busy it seems, and whose life is dotted with incredible awards.
Mayfair Terrace Retirement Residence

After 13 years talented chef Joy Green still loves helping out residents and expanding their culinary tastes at Aspira Mayfair Terrace

Joy Green, 72, is a smart, articulate woman happily residing at Aspira Mayfair Terrace in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. A third-generation Japanese-Canadian, she was born in Manitoba ...
Inspirational Life

Celebrating romance and love at Aspira for Valentine’s Day

It’s February again so love is in the air. People across many walks of life are currently planning a romantic surprise for their significant other on February 14th.