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Finding the perfect match at 100

100-year-old Bill and 102-year-old Betty met five years ago at the dining room table. Today, they live together. Their deep connection and respect for each other will inspire you.
Innovative Programs

Birds of a feather woodwork together

Residents at Cedarvale Lodge joined up with students and York Region Police for an intergenerational woodworking program.
Love Stories

65 years together

Learn the secrets to long-lasting relationships from couples who have kept their love on for decades. Be inspired by their stories.
Love Stories

Celebrating 73 years of marriage, life, and laughter

Gord and Margaret have been together since they were teenagers. Today they’re in their 90s, and while a lot has changed, their love has not.
Innovative Programs

Avast me hearties! Can ye find me hidden treasure?

Finding Captain Jean Benoit-Aubery’s treasure is the only way you’re ever going to escape. Are you up for it?
Innovative Programs

Better than bingo

Pokémon Go, the summer’s smash-hit smartphone game arrived at Cedarvale Lodge Retirement Residence in Keswick only nine days after its release in Canada.
Innovative Programs

It Has Changed Them Forever

Lifestyle Consultant at Cedarvale Lodge Retirement Residence in Keswick, was nominated for the 2016 Change our World Community Award by Douglas Hickey.
Innovative Programs

Sienna Senior Living Recognized for Bridging the Gap Between Seniors and Technology

Sienna Senior Living received the 2015 Quality Improvement and Innovation Award for its Cyber-Seniors program.
Veteran Stories

Lives Lived through War and Peace

Four residents offer a Remembrance Day voice on their experiences and life lessons during and after the Second World War.