Andy and Frances: The heart-warming story of the residents who met and married at Harvest Crossing

In the charming community of Harvest Crossing, a story unfolded that reminds us how ageless love is. It’s a tale of second chances and the joy of rediscovering love, even in the golden years. This is the story of Aspira Harvest Crossing residents Frances Nevill and Andy Fitch.

Andy and Frances wedding day 1How Andy and Frances arrived at Harvest Crossing
Frances moved into Harvest Crossing on May 13, 2021. Initially reluctant, she felt it was too early for her to transition into retirement living. Her family, however, was concerned about her well-being, and Frances, keen to put their minds at ease, agreed to the move. Little did she know, this decision was a stepping stone toward a romantic new chapter in her life. Andy arrived over a year and a half after Frances on February 19, 2023. His family also had concerns about him as he wasn't thriving at home. They knew he needed a change, a nurturing environment where he could flourish. Harvest Crossing, known for its warm, vibrant community and engaging activities, seemed like the perfect choice.

Getting to know one another
As 2023 progressed, Frances and Andy's paths crossed. Their encounters during meal times and participation in various activities at Harvest Crossing sparked a subtle but undeniable connection. The turning point came when Andy, in late August, invited Frances for a country road trip in his truck. There was something about Andy that made Frances smile, a feeling she hadn't experienced in a while. She was smitten and readily accepted his invitation. These country road trips became routine and cherished for the pair, outings where they shared stories, laughter, and gradually, their hearts.

Andy and Frances wedding day 3A blossoming romance and a Halloween engagement
On one such trip in late October, Andy hinted at a deeper commitment, saying, "If this keeps up, we should go a little further." Frances, understanding the gravity of his words, replied with a simple yet profound, "Okay." It was a moment of unspoken understanding – Andy had proposed, and Frances had accepted. Their engagement unfolded on a Halloween afternoon, during a seemingly casual shopping trip that led them to a jewelry store. Frances chose her engagement ring, a symbol of their newfound love, slipping it onto her finger – a perfect fit, as if it was always meant to be. Before Andy, with a twinkle in his eye, formally asked Frances to marry him.

A wedding at Harvest Crossing
The announcement of their engagement brought a wave of excitement to Harvest Crossing. The residents and staff, who had become like family to the couple, shared in their joy and anticipation. The wedding, set for January 6, was a greatly anticipated event. Karen Rohrer, the Residence Engagement Manager, had the honour of being Andy's best person. The entire Harvest Crossing team was invited, turning the occasion into a grand celebration.

On the day of their wedding, Frances and Andy’s happiness was palpable. Reflecting on the day, Frances shared: "Getting married to Andy at Harvest Crossing was like having a chance at a new life, like I was 21 again." It was a day that turned back the clock, giving them both a fresh start filled with love and promise. “When I saw Frances walking towards me, love overwhelmed me,” said Andy.

Andy and Frances wedding day 2Honeymoon in Nova Scotia
Their story doesn’t end here. Frances and Andy are planning their honeymoon for the summer, a trip to Nova Scotia to visit Andy's daughter. Their journey together is just beginning, a beautiful reminder that love can find us at any age, bringing with it the joy of companionship and the promise of new beginnings. Frances and Andy’s love story is proof that it’s never too late to start again, to find love, and to live life to the fullest.


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