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Functionally fit and preventing falls

This month’s webinar delved into the world of functional fitness and fall prevention. It was presented by our speaker Emily Johnson, who is the founder of Stronger You Senior Fitness.

Healthy aging for your body and brain

This month’s webinar delved into the world of brain and body fitness. It was presented by our speaker Emily Johnson, who is the founder of Stronger You Senior Fitness.
Innovative Programs

Reconnecting with Nature: A Guided Journey with Taimi Post

In Aspira’s recent webinar, attendees were treated to an enlightening and enriching exploration of mindfulness and nature therapy with a familiar speaker and seasoned expert in the field, Taimi Post

Food and fitness for seniors to maximize summer with Rose Reisman

On the topic of seasonal fare, Rose talked about how much she loves barbecuing and how easy it is to make healthy choices while grilling. Instead of relying on processed meats, she encouraged the audience to opt for healthier options like fish and lean cuts of meat.
Innovative Programs

Wisdom found in nature with Taimi Post: Teaching seniors how to be more present and heal through the power of nature

As we age, it becomes increasingly important to find ways to maintain our physical and mental health. One of the most effective and enjoyable ways to do so is by spending time in nature.

The Hidden Health Benefits of a Warm Drink with Dr. Stacey Fritsch

The host of this month’s webinar was Dr. Stacey Fritsch. She is a naturopathic doctor whose passion for science, health and the well-being of her fellow human beings is evident in both her clinical practice and daily life.
Innovative Programs

Mindfulness in nature and the benefits of forest therapy

Nature can be a vital and influential part of our lives. Many of us have stories and memories of pleasurable time spent in nature. In this webinar we will understand the concept of, gain insight into and discover the scientifically proven benefits of being present in nature.

Say goodbye to back pain with Nathalie Lacombe

Eighty percent of people will encounter back pain at some point in the lives. For some it passes but for others it lingers and often restricts their movement and complicates their lives.
Helpful Guides

Top tips to help seniors reach their health goals

Achieving one’s health goals is hard but it’s even trickier if you approach the task without a plan. To help with this Aspira has a webinar to make reaching your health goals easier.