Less TV, more creativity: The importance of artistic expression in retirement

Our most recent webinar delved into the significance and importance of creativity and artistic expression in senior living. The session featured insights from Cailey Massey, the founder of Artful Enrichment, and Emily Geddes, the National Director of Resident Engagement at Aspira. If you would like to watch this webinar please click here.

Breaking down creativity barriers
During the webinar Cailey emphasized the broader scope of creativity, challenging the narrow perception that creative expression is limited to artistic skills. She stated: “Creativity is the translation of a novel idea into something tangible or experiential, it's outside-of-the-box thinking, original problem solving, and it's the ability to connect unlikely ideas to pave new ways for new thinking. It's also the ability to take an unusual route to a familiar destination.”

Why creativity is paramount as we age
Massey highlighted the importance of creativity, extending beyond the arts and into our everyday health. She noted, “Creative experiences can also have huge benefits on our overall mental health and well-being. Creativity is a powerful outlet for self-expression and stress relief. Engaging in our creative side and activities can help to reduce anxiety, it can boost our mood and it can also provide a sense of accomplishment which contributes to our overall mental well-being and it also promotes mindfulness.”

Benefits of Creative Engagement
The discussion also touched on the various benefits of engaging in creativity, especially for seniors:

  • Enhanced problem-solving skills: Creativity encourages innovative approaches to solving complex and daily problems.
  • Improvement in mental health: Engaging in creative activities can help reduce anxiety and boost mood.
  • Building resilience and self-confidence: Successfully navigating creative processes enhances resilience and self-esteem.

Practical ways to unleash creativity
Cailey offered practical advice for seniors to engage creatively.
Cultivate a curious mindset: Encouraging exploration of new interests.
Diversify experiences: Recommending a break from routine to inspire creativity.
Set aside creative time: Highlighting the importance of dedicating time to creative pursuits.

Aspira's role in fostering creativity
Emily Geddes spoke about Aspira's commitment to creative engagement for residents. She explained: "At Aspira we understand that the pursuit of art and creative expression is not bound by age, it's a lifelong journey that continues to enrich our lives." Geddes added that the Explore program offered at Aspira aims to stimulate minds and foster a sense of community.

The webinar underscored the importance of creativity in enriching the lives of seniors, demonstrating that retirement is an opportunity for vibrant exploration and self-expression. Through practical activities and supportive environments like Aspira’s many vibrant communities, seniors are encouraged to embrace their creative sides at any stage of life. If you would like to watch this webinar please click here.

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