Wisdom found in nature with Taimi Post: Teaching seniors how to be more present and heal through the power of nature


As we age, it becomes increasingly important to find ways to maintain our physical and mental health. One of the most effective and enjoyable ways to do so is by spending time in nature. The host of this month’s webinar is Taimi Post a certified Forest Therapy Guide. She teaches us that nature has a profound impact on our well-being.

According to Post, research has shown that connecting with the great outdoors can improve both mental and physical health. In this blog, we will explore the numerous benefits of being in nature for seniors and provide suggestions on how to incorporate nature into your daily life. If you would prefer to watch the webinar, click here to view the presentation or here for the virtual walk.

The Benefits of Connecting with Nature:
Taimi explains why spending time in nature has been scientifically proven to have a wide range of health benefits, particularly for seniors. Studies have shown that being in nature can:

  •       Reduce stress-related hormones, leading to a more relaxed and       peaceful state of mind.
  •     Improve mood and alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, and     anger.
  •    Boost the immune system, which is crucial for maintaining good health as we age.
  •     Enhance cognitive function, promoting mental clarity and focus.
  •     Improve sleep quality, ensuring that you wake up feeling refreshed     and revitalized.
  •      Encourage physical activity, which is essential for maintaining mobility   and overall health.

Incorporating Nature into Your Daily Life:
To reap the benefits of nature, Taimi says it's essential to make an effort to incorporate it into your daily routine. Here are some of her suggestions to help you connect with the great outdoors:

  •   Take a daily walk in your local park, forest, or nature reserve. A leisurely stroll surrounded by the beauty of nature can work wonders for your mood and overall well-being.
  •   Practice mindfulness outdoors. Find a peaceful spot, close your eyes, and focus on the sounds, smells, and sensations of the natural world around you.
  •   Participate in outdoor activities such as gardening, birdwatching, or fishing. These hobbies allow you to connect with nature while also providing a sense of accomplishment.
  •   Join a local walking or hiking group specifically for seniors. This is a great way to socialize, stay active, and explore new natural environments in your area. 

Examples of Nature-Based Programs for Seniors:
Post’s research shows that countries have recognized the importance of nature for mental and physical health and have implemented programs designed to help people connect with the outdoors. Some examples include:

  •   Japan's Forest Therapy program, which encourages people to spend time in designated forest therapy centers to improve their well-being.
  •    The United States' Park RX program, where doctors prescribe exposure to nature as a remedy for various health issues.
  •  Australia's Healthy Parks, Healthy People initiative, which aims to promote the health and well-being benefits of spending time in parks and nature.

Before the virtual walk, Taimi sums up by telling us that the power of nature should not be underestimated, especially for seniors looking to rejuvenate and appreciate life. By making a conscious effort to connect with the great outdoors, you can improve your mental and physical health, leading to a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life. So, embrace the healing power of nature and start enjoying its many benefits today.

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