Healthy aging for your body and brain

This month’s webinar delved into the world of brain and body fitness. It was presented by our speaker Emily Johnson, who is the founder of Stronger You Senior Fitness. An international trainer and presenter, Emily has trained over 900 senior fitness instructors globally, including the Resident Engagement team at Aspira. If you would like to watch this webinar please click here.

The Dual Challenge of Healthy Aging
Johnson shed light on the combination of challenges we face as we age, which is a weakening body and a waning brain. "Being physically active offers the greatest benefits for mental and physical fitness.” Walking, as our primary physical activity, doesn't just enhance health but also improves brain function. A sentiment echoed by the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, who said: "Walking is man's best medicine."

Active by Aspira
Also making an appearance in the webinar was another Emily, Emily Geddes. As Aspira’s Regional Resident Engagement Partner Emily offered up insights into Aspira's unique program, Active by Aspira, emphasizing Aspira’s commitment to residents' fitness and well-being.

Retirement living is not just about kicking back and relaxing, although that’s a much-deserved and enjoyable aspect of it. It's also about investing in one’s health and well-being. The importance of staying active and maintaining independence cannot be overstated. As beautifully articulated by Emily Geddes. "It's not just about exercise. It's about fostering a sense of well-being, promoting social connections, and ensuring a fulfilling life."

Exercise and Beyond
The exercise recommendations in the webinar are meticulously designed to improve both our physical and cognitive abilities. Both these elements are integral to achieving an enhanced quality of life. As mentioned in the video: "Exercise is the magic pill. Almost any post-acute condition can be improved with it."

The Active by Aspira program, in collaboration with the 'Stronger You' partnership, offers a refreshing and dynamic approach. Our Resident Engagement Specialists, certified from accredited courses, are passionate about fostering industry-leading fitness opportunities within our communities. There's no one-size-fits-all. The offerings are tailored to cater to everyone, from beginners to seasoned fitness enthusiasts.

Four essential components
Active by Aspira focuses on four essential components of fitness:
  • Cardio endurance
  • Strength training
  • Flexibility
  • Balance.
Moreover, they offer specialty classes to cater to specific interests. And if you’re wondering about the time commitment, they’ve got you covered. With their varied programs, they ensure flexibility in aligning with both your interests and schedule.

Emphasizing the community spirit of the program Geddes added: "We aim to create an inclusive, supportive, and motivating fitness community where everyone can thrive on their journey to better health and well-being." This was further showcased with a glimpse into some of the class offerings.

Time to Get Moving!
At the end of the webinar, Emily Johnson treated the attendees to an invigorating fitness session. It was evident from this segment how music can elevate one's workout routine, as Johnson noted, "Music really helps us exercise at higher intensities and for longer durations."

But it wasn't just about getting the heart rate up. She made sure to touch on the importance of mental exercises as well, emphasizing the need to challenge the brain just as we challenge our muscles. Whether you're considering joining an Aspira community or just looking for ways to boost your well-being in retirement, the message is clear: Stay active, stay engaged, and invest in your health. To watch this webinar and take the fitness class, click here.

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