Mindfulness in Nature with Taimi Post - Winter Edition

This webinar focuses on the act of “wintering” and teaches us how to embrace and maximize the benefits of what is often viewed as the harshest season. Forest therapist Taimi Post - who has hosted similar Aspira webinars in the past - teaches us about the harmonious blend of mindfulness, wellness, and the sheer beauty of nature's embrace in the colder season. Taimi is a nature therapy guide with over 35 years in the senior living sector, and she is joined by Aspira’s own Jocelyn Wiggington, an advocate for vibrant community engagement. To watch this webinar and enjoy the virtual forest walk within it, please click here.

Taimi’s approach to winter
Post, with her deep-rooted passion for nature and mindfulness, shared her journey and talked about the profound impact nature therapy in the winter can have on seniors. Her approach, deeply woven with the science of mindfulness, beckons us to embrace the cold, crisp embrace of winter, not as a season to endure but as an opportunity to thrive. Her narrative was a gentle reminder of the importance of self-care, echoing the words of Katherine May, “When I start feeling the drag of winter, I begin to treat myself like a favoured child, with kindness and love... I take myself for walks in the fresh air and spend time doing things that soothe me.”

Winter's embrace: A time for reflection and rejuvenation

Nature's lessons: As the world around us dons its snowy blanket, we're invited to slow down, mirroring nature's own pause. Taimi eloquently described the serene beauty of snowy landscapes, inviting us to see winter as a "neutral zone," a time for inner growth and preparation for the vibrant beginnings that follow.

Holistic wellness: Drawing from the wisdom of cultures that flourish in winter's grip, Taimi highlighted the concept of 'hygge,' a Danish philosophy embodying coziness, contentment, and well-being. They shared practical tips for creating a warm, inviting space at home, emphasizing the joy of simple pleasures and the importance of staying connected with others.

Taimi’s 6 winter wellness tips
1. Make your home “Home Sweet Home”.
2. Get outside often.
3. Cherish the simple things.
4. Be intentional with what you do.
5. Take rest and relaxation seriously.
6. Prioritize your health with a good diet and plenty of exercise.

A virtual stroll through nature
A wonderful and helpful addition to the webinar is a 15-minute forest therapy video, a virtual wander with Taimi through her 400-acre property in The Canadian Shield which showcases Ontario’s winter wonderland. This immersive experience serves as a powerful reminder of the beauty and restorative power of nature, offering participants a moment of tranquility and connection from the comfort of their homes.

Cultivating environmental wellness
Jocelyn Wiggington introduced the Explore by Aspira program, focusing on environmental wellness. She underscored the significance of engaging with nature through activities like gardening, pet therapy, and nature walks. This initiative is a cornerstone of Aspira's commitment to holistic wellness, offering residents personalized opportunities to connect with the environment and each other.

Embracing winter with open arms
The webinar, through its heartfelt presentations and immersive nature experience, extended an invitation to all participants to view winter not as a hurdle but as a season rich with potential for growth, wellness, and connection. It highlighted the importance of embracing each moment, nurturing our well-being, and cherishing the simple joys that life offers, regardless of the season. In the stillness of winter, let us find the warmth of community, the light of well-being, and the serene beauty of nature's embrace. To watch this webinar and enjoy the virtual forest walk within it, please click here.

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