Sienna Superstars November 2021

Each month, we’re pausing to recognize some of the outstanding team members who work with us. Thank you for the work you do each day. You are all truly heroes.


Lovepreet Grewal

RPN at Villa Da Vinci Retirement Residence

“As an RPN, I focus on providing medical support to residents while also prioritizing their emotional and spiritual needs. Recently, one resident’s private caregiver was away on vacation, which meant she didn’t have anyone to support her with daily walks. I could see this resident was feeling sad and decided to take her on walks during my free time until her caregiver returned. I immediately saw her mood change for the better! Experiences like this remind me that although things can seem small to us, they can make a huge positive impact on the residents we care for.”


Kit Quiseo SuperStar

Kit Quiseo

Talent Acquisition specialist at Support Services Office

“Since joining Sienna, I’ve been blown away by the culture of teamwork here. I support the hiring process for seven of our retirement residences, working very closely with hiring managers to understand their needs. We work together to bring in the right candidates who are passionate about their role, which helps teams provide the best experience for residents. I’m constantly amazed by the dedication of our frontline teams and they motivate me to do everything I can to set them up for success. I truly feel like I belong here, and I’m grateful to work amongst such an uplifting and collaborative team.”



Tim Sturrup

Server at Waterford Barrie Retirement Residence

“My mother lives at Waterford Barrie, which led me to eventually join the team here as a server — a role that has evolved to include cooking and providing entertainment for residents. Working here has been a blessing over the last 19 months, allowing me to see my mom and support seniors throughout a difficult time. On a few occasions, residents have expressed their appreciation for me to my mom, which made her so proud she had tears in her eyes — a very proud moment for me as well. Whether residents are enjoying my music, food, or service, seeing them smiling never fails to make my day!”



Giovanni Iannotta

Health Care Aide at Lakeview Lodge Care Community

“I spent 30 years working for my family business before I was inspired to go back to school to become a Health Care Aide. While it was intimidating to start a new career at my age, it was the best decision I have made. This role has made me a better person, and I come to work every day with amazing people. One of my proudest moments was seeing the level of teamwork and compassion demonstrated by my colleagues. It has been an honour to work alongside individuals who put their entire heart and soul into their work.”


Claudette Alexander Rankine SuperStar

Claudette Alexander-Rankine

Resident and Family Coordinator at Camilla Care Community

“I started working at Camilla as a PSW almost 21 years ago and recently transitioned to the role of Resident and Family Coordinator. In my new role, being a good listener is more important than ever. Both residents and their families often experience a wide range of emotions as they adjust to long-term care. By truly listening, I’m able to comfort and support them while building a relationship rooted in trust. I’ve always been passionate about seniors care, and I love having more opportunities to connect with the people we care for and support.”

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