Sienna Superstars April 2021

Each month, we’re pausing to recognize some of the outstanding team members who work with us. Thank you for the work you do each day. You are all truly heroes.

NatalieEhman-superstarNatalie Ehman

Social worker at Ridgeview Lodge Care Community

“Being versatile within my role over the past year has helped me get through COVID-19. Since joining the Ridgeview Lodge team, I have learned that it’s key to take on different roles and pitch in when needed. I absolutely love my job, which primarily focuses on connecting with residents. Whether it is a full conversation or just a quick hello, seeing how they react is the best part of my day! Throughout the pandemic, my role evolved to include facilitating virtual calls for residents with their loved ones. I adjusted my working days to help facilitate calls over the weekends and throughout the holidays. These special moments helped me forgot about all the tough days, and it was an incredibly rewarding experience. It wasn’t just residents with huge smiles on their faces, but the entire team was delighted to see families reconnect. To battle this pandemic I highly recommend that you connect with others, as it make us all feel better in the end.”

JasonNgLee-superstarJason Ng Lee

Social Worker at Altamont Care Community

“I recently began supporting St. George with repatriating residents to their care community now that they are out of outbreak. It’s a big job with about 40 residents who need to return safely, some of whom have been gone for several months. The team at St. George has been amazing, helping me get up to speed on the needs of the residents and appreciating the knowledge I bring from Altamont. One of the most valuable things I’ve learned throughout COVID-19 is to embrace different perspectives and challenges. This has helped me to grow and enjoy myself despite difficult circumstances, which ultimately resonates with other team members. Every individual has an important role at Sienna, and when I look back on the journey we have all been on, I know we have made a difference in the lives of residents.”

GemmaLaxina-superstarGemma Laxina

Registered Dietician and Food Service Supervisor at Trillium Care Community

“What I enjoy most about being a registered dietitian, especially in long-term care, is making a difference in the lives of seniors. I always loved cooking, and I wanted to work in health care. I am happy and satisfied knowing that residents are happy and enjoying their meals. I am very proud of the work I do. I always share with residents that most of our food is home cooked, and residents look forward for their meal everyday. A stand out moment in my career is whenever I receive compliments from families and residents. Some residents have specific nutritional needs. I always work with residents, families and our dietary team to ensure we are meeting their nutritional needs as well as providing a pleasurable experience. I enjoy working with seniors and love when residents are satisfied and enjoy the meals we serve.”

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