Sienna Superstars December 2021

Each month, we’re pausing to recognize some of the outstanding team members who work with us. Thank you for the work you do each day. You are all truly heroes.


Heather James

Concierge at Orchard Valley Retirement Residence

“I’m so grateful for my time at Orchard Valley, as the residents have been role models to me. Each day, I get to speak with amazing people, from veterans, to former nurses or teachers, authors, and so much more. Knowing that these residents spent their lives contributing to our community and country makes me so proud to work amongst them. They are kind and supportive individuals who have so much zest for life, and we can learn many lessons from them. I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to make a positive impact in their lives.”



Marcedeez Brauch

Residential Care Aide at Mariposa Gardens Care Community 

“We recently had a resident whose granddaughter was getting married, but at the time we didn’t have anyone working at our salon. I wanted to make sure this resident felt beautiful, and since I have experience as a hairstylist, I stepped in to help her get ready for the special occasion. I ended up providing many haircuts for residents while we were looking to fill the hairdresser role. It was a pleasure to take this on because whatever I do, I always want to make sure residents are feeling their best and have a smile on their face.”



Emily Gillies

Registered Practical Nurse (RPN) at Bearbrook Retirement Residence

“Working as an RPN in a retirement residence is a unique experience compared to working in other settings. This environment allows me to develop strong relationships with the residents I care for, leading to a more personalized care experience. When I first got into nursing, I found many people shying away from geriatrics because they thought it would be sad — but it’s quite the opposite. There is so much joy in working with seniors, and every day I come in I know I’m making a positive impact on the lives of the residents here at Bearbook.”



Joyce van Tankeren

Concierge at Heatherwood Retirement Residence

“I worked in the hospitality industry for 36 years, and I’m constantly applying that experience to my role as Concierge at Heatherwood. When I was still in hospitality, I would go to great lengths to make customers happy... Since I started working here almost five years ago, I noticed that the residents and their families appreciate even the smallest things I do! It’s an absolute joy to work here and I’m always striving to help make it feel like a home.”


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