How to Celebrate Mother's Day During Quarantine (Covid-19)

While this year’s Mother’s Day might be unconventional, it will be celebrated, just a little differently. In a world of social distancing, parties and physical gifts may be off the table, but that doesn’t mean your celebrations need to be cancelled. We’ve come up with a few ideas to help you make this Mother’s Day special, while keeping those you love safe.

  • Visit via the window
    Bring your lawn chair and park outside your loved one’s window for a phone conversation. It’s almost as good as speaking face-to-face.
  • Schedule a video chat or telephone call
    Invite loved ones to get together via FaceTime, What’s App, Skype, or Zoom. You may not be able to have a physical party, but you can still all get together over the internet to have a great time.
  • Virtual bouquets and e-cards
    Send your loved ones virtual flowers, e-cards, or pictures from your home garden. You could even design personalized cards. Canva has some free templates.
  • Make a pre-recorded video message
    Have something special you want to say? Make a pre-recorded video for your loved one to open. Because they’re pre-recorded, if you have any editing abilities you could cut together a fun video that wouldn’t work as well in real-time.
  • Gift an e-subscription
    Many people have more free time, and that means more time to enjoy their favourite subscriptions. Most magazines and newspapers have e-subscription that could easily be setup for a loved one. You could also send e-books, video games, or gaming subscriptions.
  • E-gift card
    At the end of this, everyone is going to be craving their favourite restaurant or take out. Send a gift card or e-gift card now so that loved ones can enjoy their favourite shopping, attraction, or restaurant experience at a later date:
  • Make a Donation
    Make an online donation in the name of your loved one. Some organizations will even send a small gift in thanks for your donation. Most organizations provide the option for virtual donations, and A Living Tribute provides the opportunity to plant a tree in someone’s name: 
  • Share a Memory
    Look to the past for memories of happy times together. Once you’ve found the perfect picture, email it to your loved one with a note.  
  • Coupon Booklet
    This will pass. Search online for a template for a coupon booklet and create coupons for ways to celebrate Mother’s Day after the pandemic is over. Examples of coupons could include: a meal together, country drive, time with the grandchildren, a shopping spree, or a favourite treat (chocolate, butter tart). Your loved one can then “cash-in” these coupons after the pandemic is over. 

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