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The Order-of-Canada-winning humanitarian, centenarian and explorer who made a global impact

In Canadian medical history, few individuals have had such a meaningful and influential life as Dr. Robert O'Dowda Stephens or “Dr Bob” as he is more affectionately known.

Millie Borchert at 101: A life of exploration, family, and embracing change

At 101, Millie Borchert's life is a straightforward tale of adventure, adaptation, hard work, and family bonds.
Milestone Stories

Still living a life filled with fun, friends and activities at 95

In the rural Ontario town of Uxbridge sits the vibrant retirement community of Douglas Crossing where Helen Lee resides.
Inspirational Life

Andy and Frances: The heart-warming story of the residents who met and married at Harvest Crossing

In the charming community of Harvest Crossing, a story unfolded that reminds us how ageless love is. It’s a tale of second chances and the joy of rediscovering love, even in the golden years.
Milestone Stories

The endearing love story of Ann and Arnold

These days West Park Crossing resident Ann Speirs enjoys a fulfilling life in retirement living. Before making the move into the vibrant Moosejaw residence, Ann was married to the love of her life, Arnold Speirs.
Milestone Stories

Thelma and Weldon Kilburn: A Peninsula Love Story

Thelma and Weldon Kilburn's romance is a tale of enduring affection and shared adventure. =
Orchard Valley Retirement Residence

Bob & Blanche: Celebrating 70 years of marriage

Blanche and Bob, both popular Orchard Valley residents, celebrated an extraordinary 70 years of marriage on November 28th, 2023.

A life of love, family, dedication and creativity

In the serene, welcoming environment of Lynde Creek Gardens, Harold Hoskings shared a life story that mirrors the depth and complexity of his impressive landscape artworks.
Awards & Achievements

From Ontario’s Rugby Hall of Fame to a new life at Island View

Mike Fisher's life story is one of passion, adaptability, and community. His journey from a small town in northern England to the vibrant community at Island View retirement home encapsulates a life rich in experiences and achievements.