Sienna Superstars September 2021

Each month, we’re pausing to recognize some of the outstanding team members who work with us. Thank you for the work you do each day. You are all truly heroes.


KavithaSivakolundu-superstarKavitha Sivakolundu

Personal Support Worker (PSW) at Bloomington Cove Care Community

“As a PSW at Bloomington Cove, I support residents with their everyday activities — such as helping them with their morning routine, assisting with meals and tending to their medical needs. A very important aspect of working with residents with dementia is to listen carefully as they express their needs and to always remain patient. If you show patience and understanding, they can be very talkative, and when you truly listen, it helps to create a relationship rooted in trust. There are times when residents ask for me by name, which is just about the best recognition I could ask for. I am enormously grateful for their trust and grateful to have landed my dream job supporting the residents here at Bloomington Cove!”


CarlyWilliams-superstarCarly Williams

Recreation Therapy Assistant at Granite Ridge Care Community

“As a Recreation Therapy Assistant at Granite Ridge, I design and implement activities to improve residents’ quality of life. Sometimes it can be challenging to engage certain residents who are introverted for a variety of reasons. That being said, I never give up on getting them involved. I proactively bring activities to their rooms and check on them regularly to build trust between us. Eventually, these residents start to open their hearts to me and begin taking part in more activities. Seeing them find purpose and happiness in life through activities that are meaningful to them is the most encouraging aspect of my job. I am appreciative of my role and the supportive team members at Granite Ridge where we work collectively towards the same goal: to make a difference in the residents’ lives.”


CarolinaChisholm-superstarCarolina Chisholm

Office Manager at Creedan Valley Care Community

“As the Office Manager at Creedan Valley, I find it rewarding to be the ‘go-to person’ for all residents’ needs. I’m originally from Costa Rica; however, I am thrilled to have recently received my Canadian citizenship. Many of the residents remind me of my grandmother, and I often reminisce about my childhood with her in Costa Rica. I love to share my childhood stories with the residents, and through this I’ve been able to build strong and unique bonds with many of them; they have truly become my family away from family. I love what I do, and the amazing relationships with residents always makes it a joy to come to work.”


Katie-Walsh-Langille-superstarKatie Walsh-Langille

Resident Relations Coordinator at Fieldstone Commons Care Community

“I’ve been a part of the Sienna family for 17 years, spending the last 10 years at Fieldstone Commons. As a Resident Relations Coordinator, I have the opportunity to work very closely with residents and their families as they transition into long-term care. For many families, this is the first time they are experiencing this process, so my role focuses on supporting them through various emotions, answering questions, and advocating for their needs. I always do my best to ensure their voices are heard and to make sure families feel comfortable trusting us with the care of their loved one. I also love getting to know new residents, embracing their life story and celebrating who they are.”


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