Special wedding visit at Weston Terrace

When Amanda was a child, spending the weekend with her Grampa Bill was something she always looked forward to. Thanks to the support of the team at Weston Terrace Care Community in Toronto, he was able to see her in her wedding dress.

“It was unbelievable. She was beautiful,” Bill Moxey said about seeing Amanda in her wedding dress. “I get tears in my eyes now just going through it.”

Amanda is Bill’s first grandchild. She met her husband, Andrew, online three years ago. Andrew proposed “the old fashioned way” after hiding the ring in a cookie container. When they were setting the wedding, Amanda wanted her grandfather to be there, but COVID made it difficult. Instead, she and the bridal party came to Weston Terrace the next weekend, so that Bill could see them all and be part of the celebration.

“We have a real connection,” Bill said when asked about Amanda. “When she was young, we went to the [Toronto Exhibition] and all over town. We did anything and everything.”

“Amanda’s wedding was just like mine, back when we had wind-up cars,” Bill joked.

Bill met his wife, Sandy, almost entirely by accident, and claims that “she chose me.”

“She was in a store working the checkout and we chatted, maybe I said something witty, and then I left,” Bill said. “Later, one of my friends said ‘that girl likes you’. And I said, ‘Who are you talking about?’ He said, ‘The girl you were talking too,’ — well, I talk to everyone!”

Bill went back to the store later to talk to Sandy, and they set a date. He took her to Toronto’s Exhibition, tricking her onto a double Ferris wheel. They were married 50 years.

“The wife and I were perfect for each other… we had a fantastic marriage. She completed me,” Bill said. “We were a team.”

He hopes that Amanda will find as much joy in her marriage as he did in his, and he is thrilled to have been able to be part of her wedding.

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