Making dreams happen at Kingsmere

group photo of Cleone and the team members at Kingsmere Retirement ResidenceAs an opera singer and actress, Cleone Duncan performed in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Over her years as a performer, she met Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, the Queen, and Prince Phillip. Her voice is absolutely beautiful.

Today she’s a resident at Kingsmere Retirement Residence in Alliston, ON. She did not think she would ever see her name up in lights again, but the team at Kingsmere were determined to make her dream come true. They arranged for the local theatre to display her name and drove her out to see it. Watch the video to see her reaction.

“It just goes to show that you truly do not know who sits beside you at the dinner table, on the bus, on a plane, in that boardroom, or anywhere else for that matter,” said Marisa Vega, lifestyle consultant at Kingsmere.

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