Thelma and Weldon Kilburn: A Peninsula Love Story

Thelma and Weldon Kilburn's romance is a tale of enduring affection and shared adventure. Joining the vibrant community of Aspira Peninsula in June of 2018, this remarkable couple’s bond embodies the spirit of romance and Valentine's Day all year round.

A second chance at love for an extraordinary pair
Their union is a celebration of second chances at love and a life rich with exploration. When Thelma and Weldon became man and wife 30 years ago it was a second marriage for both parties. Weldon, with his illustrious career as a captain for Air Canada and the TransCanada airline, and Thelma, a devoted nurse from Vancouver General Hospital, brought together their extraordinary lives in a partnership that has flourished for over three decades. 

Thelma and Weldon 2-1Worldly travellers
Their relationship is marked by an insatiable appetite for adventure, from global travels on every conceivable mode of transport to square dancing several nights of the week. The pair have traveled all over the globe in airplanes, boats, a motorhome, bikes and sometimes even canoes. Part of their extensive travels was a seven-year stint in Ireland where they made many friends roving around the beautiful island only on bikes, busses, and trains.

Their remarkable 67-day world cruise stands out as a highlight, weaving through continents and oceans from Istanbul through the Suez Canal to the expanse of such countries as South Africa, Australia, and beyond. Back in their native British Columbia, they continued to explore, embarking on many canoe trips as well as driving a motorhome around the province. Yet, amidst their global escapades, Thelma and Weldon have found a special place in their hearts for the Peninsula retirement residence, where they actively contribute to the community's vibrant lifestyle.

A couple immersed in life at Peninsula
Their involvement at Aspira Peninsula extends beyond mere participation. Thelma, an ambassador for the home, is a vital presence, running Hymn Sing, engaging in every activity, and ensuring new residents feel warmly welcomed. Weldon, with his depth of life experience and kind demeanor, complements Thelma's efforts, making them a beloved pair within the community. But their story is more than just about the places they've seen or the activities they've undertaken; it's about the love that binds them and the joy they bring to those around them. 

Thelma and Weldon 1"We love it here at Peninsula," they said, from the food and ambiance to the events. Their presence enriches the community, making the residence that bit more special. As we celebrate Valentine's Day, Thelma and Weldon's journey reminds us of the beauty of shared passions and the endless possibilities of love in later life.

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