The endearing love story of Ann and Arnold

These days West Park Crossing resident Ann Speirs enjoys a fulfilling life in retirement living. Before making the move into the vibrant Moosejaw residence, Ann was married to the love of her life, Arnold Speirs. Their tale of love stretches from Alberta to Saskatchewan and it’s a fitting story to celebrate Valentine’s Day. They enjoyed many years together filled with music, faith, laughter, and adventure. All of which speaks volumes about love's timeless nature.
Ann and Arnold 2Ann’s early life and how she met Arnold
Annie Lu-Ella Armistead – or “Ann” as she is known - had a childhood marked by frequent relocations due to her father's job with the Co-op. It was a blend of familial warmth and early loss. Her mother's passing when Ann was just 12 left a void, but the loving care from her father left a comforting echo throughout her life. Music was her refuge and joy, from piano melodies to choir harmonies, with gospel music nurturing her soul in later life.

Her first marriage led her to Weyburn, SK, where she embraced motherhood with her two children, Del and Brenda. Yet, the defining chapter of her romantic life was yet to be written. In 1994, during a visit to her son in the town of Olds, Alberta, Ann met Arnold. Their romance grew and developed over phone calls and eventually blossomed into a beautiful relationship.

Marrying Arnold
Their marriage in 1996 set them on a shared journey of joy and discovery. Arnold, as described by Ann, was a kind, loving and generous man. But he wasn’t perfect, or overly romantic according to Ann, she fondly remembers a Valentine's Day gift from Arnold – a candle with a poem that comically ended with 'Thank you for being my Bridesmaid.'

The pair enjoyed 25 great years by each other's side, their time together was filled with love, faith, culture, and adventure. In Sun City West, Arizona, where they spent some winters, the pair found a community where they could indulge in their love for singing, participating in skits, and being part of the Sunday religious services. Meanwhile, their travels took them from the Panama Canal in Central America to the icy beauty of Alaska and the historic splendors of the Mediterranean. These years, Ann recalls, were the best of her life.

Ann and Arnold 1Arnold’s passing and the couple’s enduring love
Arnold passed on in November 2021. His death was not just the end of an era but a reminder of the enduring power of love. After Arnold’s passing, Ann became a resident at West Park Crossing and the move has helped her fill a void in her life. The memories of their time together remain cherished possessions for her as she enjoys a new beginning in retirement living. As Valentine's Day beckons, Ann's time with Arnold is a poignant reminder of love’s lasting imprint on our lives. It’s a celebration of life’s shared journeys, the laughter in simple moments, and the harmony found in companionship.


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