Bob & Blanche: Celebrating 70 years of marriage

In the welcoming retirement community of Orchard Valley, a story of lasting love and commitment shines brightly, serving as an inspiring example of dedication and partnership. Blanche and Bob, both popular Orchard Valley residents, recently celebrated an extraordinary 70 years of marriage on November 28th, 2023. Their journey together, defined by love, patience, and shared moments, offers valuable insights into the essence of a lasting bond.

BobBlanche OldTheir secrets to a lasting marriage
The rare milestone that was their 70th anniversary was sweetened further by the thoughtful actions of Kim Magarvey, General Manager at Orchard Valley, who presented them with flowers and a card, recognizing their seven decades of united happiness. But what is the secret to such a long and enduring marriage? Blanche believes it's all about patience and understanding. “Have patience with each other,” she said. Bob thinks it's about sharing everything with the other person and “keeping an open mind”. These simple yet impactful principles have been the foundation of their long-standing relationship.

How it all began
Their love story started in Coquitlam, British Columbia, where Bob was captivated at first sight by Blanche, a beautiful red-haired woman. He caught his first glimpse of her as she walked past his friend’s house window. When they first met in person, Bob said: “I knew instantly I wanted to marry her.” Blanche also felt a strong connection to Bob from the start. “I knew the moment I met Bob that he was the one and there was no one else,” she stated. Despite skeptics who doubted the longevity of their relationship, Blanche was confident. She had never felt as secure as she did with Bob.

Raising a family together
After marrying in 1953, Bob and Blanche started a family. They welcomed five children—three girls and two boys—and generously extended their love to 25 foster babies in the early years of their lives. Amid the hustle and bustle of family life, they mutually enjoyed family activities, camping trips, and a shared love for music. Dancing also became an integral part of their relationship, with weekly dances keeping their passion and friendship alive and vibrant.

BobBlanche TodayAdvice to others
After 70 years of marriage, Blanche and Bob shared golden advice for couples. Blanche stressed the importance of patience, forgiveness, and why you should never underestimate the significance of an apology. “Be forgiving and do not go to bed angry,” she said. “Along with that apologize to each other as it means so much to each other to do that.” Regarding the most romantic gestures they've experienced, the couple points to the importance of the small moments. For Blanche, Bob's gestures of bringing home flowers and celebrating minor events held great meaning. “Bob always showed his love with little things like bringing home flowers and celebrating the little things.” For Bob, romance is about the enduring nature of his love for Blanche, with every sight of her reigniting his love anew. “I never stopped loving her and every time I see her I fall in love with her again.”

Blanche and Bob's love story illustrates the enduring power of love, patience, and mutual respect. As we celebrate love in its many forms this Valentine's Day, let their beautiful narrative remind us of the joy found in committing to and growing old with the one you love.

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