Sienna Superstars August 2021

Each month, we’re pausing to recognize some of the outstanding team members who work with us. Thank you for the work you do each day. You are all truly heroes.


LouiseOldham-superstarLouise Oldham

Concierge at Fairwinds Lodge Retirement Residence

I love my role as Concierge because it allows me to get to know each and every one of the residents who calls Fairwinds Lodge their home. The residents have become an extension of my family, which is one of the most valuable things I have in this life. It’s important that I do what I can to make sure residents feel loved and cared for. So, I often come in on my days off to spend extra time with those who may not have family of their own or loved ones who can visit. Sometimes we play games such as cards or bingo, and other times I just check in to see how they are doing. They have such fun and interesting personalities and getting to enjoy their stories is without a doubt, the best part of my job!


SatveerGrewal-superstarSatveer Grewal

Registered Practical Nurse (RPN) at Silverthorn Care Community

I truly love working with seniors, which makes it an easy choice for me to take on extra shifts, support the role of Charge Nurse when there are gaps, and advocate for residents at Silverthorn. I do whatever I can to make sure they feel supported both physically and emotionally. I take the time to understand how residents are feeling and what they value, which helps them feel comfortable and has led me to become very connected with the residents. Whether I’m providing care or just taking a moment to hold their hand, listen, laugh or dance with them – I’m grateful to play a role in residents’ wellbeing. I treasure each moment I have with them!


MichelleSaunders-superstarMichelle Saunders

Resident and Family Experience Coordinator at Tullamore Care Community

I recently completed a course through CHA Learning to get my Long-Term Care Administrator certification. The knowledge I’ve gained will help me make more of an impact, not only within my residence, but in the long-term care sector as a whole. Focusing my efforts on fostering better relationships with residents, families and team members allows me to form goals that reflect the needs of everyone. I have been pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone, get creative, and be flexible because the path towards those goals won’t always be a straight line. Although it has been challenging, I know that having a good mindset will help drive that positive change!


AnnieCampeau-superstarAnnie Campeau

Registered Nurse at Bloomington Cove Care Community

I worked as a PSW before I became an RN, so I have a good understanding of the demands of each role. As a result, I always do what I can to make things easier for the PSWs on my team. As a long-term care home dedicated to dementia, we have PSWs that spend their whole shift with one resident. Sometimes when one of these team members goes on break, I arrange my schedule to sit with the resident for continuous support. Helping with the little things reduces the stress on my colleagues and at the same time ensures all our residents are supported and cared for. I’m so passionate about helping others and I’m grateful my role allows me to do this every day!


AmyVuong-superstarAmy Vuong

Procurement specialist at Support Services Office

While joining the Sienna team was a huge change for me, it was a welcome one. I love everything related to procurement and have been in the senior living sector for almost two years now. I play a part in analyzing and planning inventory so we can maintain a steady supply of the items we need to operate safely, including PPE. We faced a massive spike in demand for these products over the past year-and-a-half and although we led the procurement efforts, each department played a big role. It has been an incredible display of teamwork and I am so grateful to contribute to the safety and wellbeing of the residents we serve!


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