Let’s all go to the ball game: Harvest Crossing residents cheer on the Blue Jays

In the golden years of life, every day is a chance to relive cherished passions and reignite old flames. For two women residents at Harvest Crossing, a recent outing to see the Toronto Blue Jays in action at the Rogers Centre was not just an evening of baseball; it was an example of the excitement a life in a retirement community can bring.

Blue Jays 2“One of the biggest treats in my senior life”
For 96-year-old Pat O'Halloran, (pictured left) this outing was more than a game; it was a dream come true. "Seeing the Jays play live was one of the biggest treats in my senior life.” A true fan, Pat's dedication to the Blue Jays is unwavering. Despite her failing sight, she never misses a game on TV, knowing each player's stats by heart. In the days leading up to seeing her beloved team, Pat was giddy. “Finding out that I would be able to see them live, filled each day with happiness-filled anticipation!” 

Blue jays 1A “wonderful and special” time
Sitting beside Pat, in a Blue Jays ball cap, was Trudy Konopestski (pictured left), another ardent fan. It was her first time ever seeing the Jays live and her excitement and satisfaction with the experience shone through even though the Jays lost 6-0 to the New York Yankees. "Watching the Jays play live made me feel wonderful and special," she said. “Even though they did not win that night, it didn't matter.”

Harvest Crossing - recognizing these women's deep-rooted love for baseball - saw a perfect opportunity to bring some extra magic into their lives. Director of Wellness Brian Bangaru, Resident Engagement Manager Karen Rohrer, and GM Patrine Frey accompanied the women and witnessed not only the game but the joy experienced by Pat and Trudy as they cheered on their beloved Blue Jays, surrounded by the roar of thousands of fans.

Just a normal day at Harvest Crossing
The outing for Pat and Trudy to the Rogers Centre wasn't just about watching a baseball game. It was a celebration of community and shared passions. At Harvest Crossing, such moments are not uncommon. The staff and fellow residents form a close-knit family, always looking for ways to bring smiles and create memorable experiences.

Blue Jays 3Pat and Trudy’s day out is a heartwarming example of the vibrant, active, and fulfilling lifestyle that awaits in retirement living. It's about finding a place where every day brings something to look forward to, where passions are nurtured, and where the golden years are truly golden. For those considering retirement living, remember that it's not just a place to live. It's a place to thrive, to relive passions, and to make every moment count.

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