A woman in the Royal British Air Force

picture of Winnifred with a wreath of poppiesWinnifred Grant’s childhood was bookended by war. Born in London, England, in 1918, just as the first world war came to a close, Winnie joined the Royal British Air Force and entered WWII when she was still in her teens.

“Before I joined, all I could remember was the sound of bombs falling from planes,” Winnie said. “After I joined, my life was all about helping the British army.”

Winnie spent her war days helping pilots get ready for their missions. When the war ended in 1945, Winnie was happy to get back to civilian life.

“The war ended, and I left along with it, Winnie said. “It was a wonderful time when the war was over.

“Everybody could finally sleep… there was no more sleeping in the basement!”

After the war Winnie worked in a daycare for several years and got married. Today she is a proud grandmother, and enjoys participating in activities at Owen Hill Care Community in Barrie, ON, where she lives.

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