A peacekeeper abroad


During his time in the military, Corporal Ron Smith knew every army song.

Born in 1934 in Toronto, ON, Ron joined the military when he was 23 years old. By the time he joined in 1947, WWII was over. However, there was always work to do.

Ron served primarily in the kitchens as a cook. He also worked in the transportation sector. He enjoyed his time in service, and stayed with the military for 25 years.

Ron spent most of his time in the military in Canada; however, he did spend a year on a peacekeeping mission in Palestine and the Middle East. He enjoyed the experience.

While in service, Ron met his wife. She was a server at a local restaurant in Barrie, ON. The couple were happily married for 47 years. After he retired from the military, Ron became a custodian for the school board in Barrie. He continued to love singing and was part of a tri band in Orillia for several years.

Today, Ron continues to sing and enjoy life at Owen Hill Care Community in Barrie, ON.

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