Executive Director’s passion for dementia care recognized by OLTCA

Janet has been the Executive Director at Bloomington Cove Care Community in Stouffville, Ontario, for 10 years and is a passionate advocate for residents with dementia.  Janet recently recognized by the OLTCA for Leadership Excellence. The home is devoted exclusively to dementia care and since Janet joined, she has made it her mission to implement a person-centred approach to caring for this population. Her goal is to balance the combination of medical and personal care, based on the unique needs of each resident. Janet and her team have implemented impactful forms of therapy for residents with dementia, including the use of personalized playlists on iPods, lavender therapy to support sleep, doll therapy, cranial massage and many more.

Janet has inspired many others to bring these innovative techniques to their own long-term care communities.  She is also an incredible relationship builder in the sector and her community, including creating strong relationships with the local hospital and politicians. She is also an avid fundraiser for dementia research.  Ten years ago she started a ‘Walk for Dementia’ with Bloomington Cove residents and team members.  This grew into a larger ‘Run to Defeat Dementia’ and is now a ‘Dinner for Dementia Research’ which raised $15,000.00 in 2018. 

Janet makes every effort to leverage new research on the frontier of dementia care to truly enhance the lives of residents. Bloomington Cove is an inspiration for others in long-term care. The community is highly regarded in the sector as being a shining example for others. None of this would have been possible for Bloomington Cove without Janet’s inspirational leadership.  


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