Creating the warmth of human connection

Left to right: Sherillyn Bain, cook at Lake Country Lodge; Finnegan, visiting puppy-in-training; and Sarah Watters, executive director at Lake Country Lodge. The warmth of human connection is more than a phrase, it’s a feeling that spreads from person to person through kind words and thoughtful gestures. It’s an important part of the culture at Lake Country Lodge Retirement and Care Community in Lake Country, BC, where team members recently came together to celebrate their commitment to spreading the warmth throughout their community.

Sarah Watters, executive director at Lake Country Lodge, said she wanted to create a memento that “encompassed the amazing work I see every day going on around me.”

She enlisted the help of Sherillyn Bain, a cook at Lake Country Lodge, and a talented artist. They put their heads together and came up with the idea of a painting, which Sherillyn was quick to put to canvas. Only a few days later, they presented the painting to the rest of the team, who all came forwards to sign their names on the painting.

What was originally going to be a painting for my office has taken on a life of its own,” Sarah said. “and it’s now proudly displayed in the front lobby for all to see and reflect on.”

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