“Canada” is a poem written by Robert Palm, a talented poet and artist. He is proud to share this poem in honour of Canada’s 150th anniversary.

Picture of Robert (Bob) Palm

By: Robert (Bob) Palm

A century and a half ago, in Charlottetown, we founded this our native land.

Founded by our progenitors, and blessed by God’s own hand.

Built are we on adversity, forged and tempered as needed by our wild and savage land

Strong as a bear in battle are we, and as a wolverine, not knowing defeat,

strong as the man with the hammer, making steal in the fiery heat.

Wild and wide are our seashores, surrounding our beautiful lands,

deflecting our radiant glory from avaricious and unwanted hands,

protecting our blowing prairie of wheat and our verdant forest land.

Our worldly possessions are ours eternal

any adversaries we can defeat.

And by virtue of our tenacity, our nation shall live replete.

Our pride in Canada runs deep, from the snow-capped Rockies with its big-horned sheep,

to the expansive prairies where dozing buffalo sleep.

Over Northern Canada, we fly East,

Gone are the fields of clover and blowing wheat.

The Great Lakes shores we pass over,

to the East we have Ontario, where we feel the pulse of Canada roar,

A massive engine resonating us to our very cores.

Our Golden Horseshoe twixt Hamilton and Oshawa

Is an industrious area of rapturous mores,

Unlike rural Ontario, with its semi-religious cores.

Quebec and Eastern Ontario, are beautiful places to go.

All scenic pastoral and bucolic, a land with Godly mores.

Saint Lawrence Valley is a surprise only our God could device.

Go East to Fundy’s famous tide,

a lovely place to bide and watch the incoming tide.

On to Petty’s Cove, a treat and fishing villages quaint, a visual feast.

You’ll be treated like long-lost friends by all you meet,

and begged to come back soon, their families to meet.

Newfoundland is a land surrounded by adversity and stoicism,

as testified by its tenuous hold on life in its wild terrain and cobbled shores

Injured to discomfiture, to leave they would abhor.

Canada, the land of the future we have the world to retain.

From East to West is in God’s and our hands,

May it ever remain unchanged.


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