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behind the scenes on awards nightThe room was filled with a sort of ordered chaos. Everyone knowing what they had to do, the hairdryers and curling irons they employed creating a loud hum under the excited chatter.

The residents bubbled with excitement as their hair was done, makeup applied, and glitzy outfit fixed. The full force of Hollywood arrived at Owen Hill Care Community in Barrie during resident appreciation month, and it brought all of its glitter and glam with it.

“The residents loved it,” said Maria Mora, director of resident programs at Owen Hill. “A family member later said, ‘I don’t know who did my mom’s hair, but she looks great!’”

The home-wide event was open for anyone to attend. The gentlemen at the event all wore vests, kindly sponsored by Collins Formal Wear, and the women all had their hair and makeup done.

a spot in the limelight“I liked wearing the fancy vest,” Gordon, a resident at Owen Hill said.

Another resident, Gwen, said “The Hollywood celebration was a lot of fun. I enjoyed dressing up, having my hair and makeup done, and drinking bubbly.”

In the hallways, residents, bedecked with feathered boas and trophies, were stopped by paparazzi and press, eager for an interview.

“One of the managers was the press person. So as residents were coming down she would ask them questions like, ‘how do you feel about coming to this event?’” Maria said, “and some of them were like, ‘oh, I’m feeling so special!’ So it was a great thing.”

a hollywood style smileInside, the room was decked-out with the Hollywood theme. The tables all had centrepieces, generously made by a family member, and a singer serenaded them all with songs residents enjoyed, including Sinatra.

“She was really great because she would come right up to the resident and really sing with them,” Maria said. “And at the end, as she was doing her last song, she was going to every single resident to say thank you, so it was really nice.”
It was a night to remember.

“I felt very special,” said Dorothy, a resident at Owen Hill.
an impromptu duet


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