Wisest of us all

The greatest generations are defined by their wisdom and strength.

This blog is filled with their stories. Stories of love, service, perseverance, laughter, and altruism. Each story is unique, but they paint a clear picture of a generation that has gained wisdom through experience — from the hardships of war, to the joys over seventy years of marriage can bring. The sharing of that wisdom is one of the greatest gifts that can be bestowed upon the newer generations, pushing all of us forward together.

Today, and throughout the month of June, we’re proud to be able to pay tribute to the wonderful seniors in our lives who have shared their wisdom, and shown us a way forwards with their unending strength. We are honoured to celebrate this Seniors’ Month with them.


Stories to Inspire:

inspire-story-1-CVL-finding-love-at-100100-year-old Bill and 102-year-old Betty met five years ago at the dining room table. Today, they live together. Their deep connection and respect for each other will inspire you: https://blog.siennaliving.ca/finding-love-at-100



inspire-story-2-red-oak-Lieutenant-General-William-CarrPiloting the Queen, leading the air force, and earning an honourary doctorate at 93. Meet the father of modern Canadian aviation, Lieutenant-General William Carr:https://blog.siennaliving.ca/a-lieutenant-general-in-red-oak



inspire-story-3-mayfair-terrace-British-Military-Police-joyceAs part of the British Military Police during WWII, Joyce watched as London burned through German bombing raids, soldiers kissed their families goodbye, and children huddled underground: https://blog.siennaliving.ca/when-the-sound-stops


inspire-story-4-Silverthorn-Lance-Corporal-Winifred-WatsonLance Corporal Winifred Watson set sail from Jamaica with 23 other women for the shores of Britain and WWII. Her story is a must read: https://blog.siennaliving.ca/a-jamaican-woman-serving-in-the-british-army




inspire-story-5-royale-place-Inge-WellsInge Wells was the first woman in Ontario to work in a fire tower, which stand 100-feet off the ground and surveyed the surrounding forests for fires: https://blog.siennaliving.ca/the-lady-in-the-tower




inspire-story-6-vlg-100-year-old-Donato100-year-old Donato grew up in the Italian countryside, where he worked making charcoal, picking olives, found love, and went to war: https://blog.siennaliving.ca/100-years-7000-kilometres-1-war



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