Making the most of self isolation

During this time, it’s important to practice social distancing and self isolation to protect yourself from COVID-19. While it may not be the same as being able to go out and see your loved ones face-to-face, we hope the information and tips we’ve put below will help make it easier for you to stay connected, get the items you need, and have a little fun.

Some of our tips involve going online. To ensure your safety, be careful not to give any personal information to anyone you meet online. For more information about internet safety, view the Cyber Safe Toolkit. 



Online Grocery Shopping and Grocery Pick Up

Staying Connected

Activity Ideas


Online Grocery Shopping and Grocery Pick Up

While it’s important to avoid going outside, if you must leave your house some stores are offering Seniors’ Hours, allowing seniors to shop for any items they need without worrying about the crowds.

However, online grocery shopping may be a safer option. Below, we’ve taken the mystery out of online shopping so you can get the items you need.

Grocery delivery

If you’re looking to have groceries or household goods delivered directly to your door, then you need to look for an online grocery delivery services. Most large brand stores, and some smaller grocers, offer home delivery. We’ve compiled a list below of some well-known brands to help get you started.

Grocery pick up 

Grocery Pick Up is great if you have your own car and don’t want to pay extra for delivery. Some locations with Grocery Pick Up, such as Loblaws, are waiving their Grocery Pick Up fees in response to COVID-19. With Grocery Pick Up you order your groceries online. Someone at the story will collect and package your order for you. When your order is ready, you drive to the store and someone will load your order into your vehicle, limiting your person-to-person contact.

Other ways to get groceries & medication

Some volunteers have also stepped up to the plate in helping seniors access groceries.

The Friendly Neighbour Hotline connects volunteers with seniors in Toronto Community Housing who need groceries, medications and other deliveries. It was created by OpenLab, which is part of the University Health Network.

Seniors Services Society is offering supportive shopping services to older adults (60+) residing in New Westminster, BC who find it difficult to shop or do not have others to help them. 


Online Grocery Shopping Links and How-To Guide

For your convenience, we’ve curated a list of some of the more popular grocery stores with online delivery. If you don’t see the store you want, please look it up online or give them a call to see if they have online shopping services.

Not sure how it all works? The links we’ve provided below will go straight to that company’s online shopping guide. But if you want more instructions, please see this WikiHow tutorial.


Staying Connected

To family and loved ones

If you’re missing seeing your family or loved ones face-to-face, it’s nice to know that there are options available. Video calling services, such as FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, or WhattsApp can offer you the ability to see your loved one and talk to them in real time. On your calls, you may decide to watch a show together, enjoy a meal, or simply talk about your day.



If you’re missing group social interactions, social media may be a great tool. On Facebook, you can search for groups in your area or surrounding one of your interests. Some Facebook games also have a community element, with players from around the world communicating and collaborating.

To ensure your safety, be careful not to give any personal information to anyone you meet online. For more information about internet safety, view the Cyber Safe Toolkit. 

There are also some great online seniors’ communities, as found in this article by Love To Know

If you have a group of people you know and want to find a way to get in contact with, you could try opening a group chat on an online video calling service that’s group friendly.


Activity Ideas

Tour a virtual museum, learn a new language, find a use for your wool stash, hone your musical talents, or reorganize the house! There’s plenty to do without leaving home. Here are some fun, free ideas!

We hope this information was helpful. If you have any questions or would like information about your senior living options, please call a location near you. We know they’d be happy to help you in anyway they can. 


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