Blooming into spring

image of the award-winning garden

An award-winning gardener, John, a resident at Traditions of Durham Retirement Residence in Oshawa, continues to nurture his green thumb by keeping the gardening pots in full bloom.

“John picked the flowers,” said Samantha Clinton, lifestyle consultant at Traditions. “He wanted a variety of flowers for all to enjoy. He is hoping to plant bulbs in the fall for beautiful spring flowers.”

Born in 1926, John started working in a floral warehouse after WWII. During that time, he discovered that he loved caring for the plants, and knew that this would be a hobby of his going forward. He was part of many groups, such as the Horticultural Society of Woodstock and The Stems Club, which he was a member of for 30 years. He won many awards for his gardens.

At home, he grew a 50-foot Rose of Sharon and cultivated walnut tress, apple trees and cheery trees. He also had many flowers and vegetables. He loves watching the flowers bloom, knowing that he took care of them and made them grow. He said he loves the way it makes him feel, like he’s home.

John loves sharing his gardens with all of the residents, and it’s important to him to be able to share his passion and love of nature with everyone.

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